There was a time that if you had asked me if I was humble, I would have said yes. That would have been a lie. Granted I didn’t know it at the time. Now I know.

I am a liar. A liar that judges and criticizes others for telling untruths. I like to think that I tell the truth. Most of the time I do. Honestly. I lie when it comes to my true feelings. I lie when it comes to what hurts me.

I am an exceptionally strong woman. That is truth.

I am flawed. That is truth.

I am not strong enough. That is truth that can be changed.

This is place is a tool. I will use it to get stronger. I will use it to fix my flaws. I will use it do the work to find my happy place. To be true to myself. To be my whole self. It will be a journey, and one that I hope you will join me on.


The first step… humility.